How to install Ezusy chrome extension?

You can install it easily by click button below, follow Google instruction to add it to your browser. You should install Ezusy Chrome extension to use search products in Ezusy dashboard and fulfill orders features Download

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How to connect Ezusy with my Woocommerce?

Note: Before you connect your store with our Ezusy app, please ask Support of your hosting increase PHP time limit of your server to 300, deactivate Jetpack, WP Smush, Akismet Anti-Spam plugins, Cache plugins if you have installed them w...

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Set up your Pricing Rules

Please set up your Pricing Rules before importing products. You can set up you Pricing Rules in Ezusy Settings > Pricing Rules tab. Multiplier If Aliexpress product has price is $10 then you set up your pricing rules is Multi...

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How to import products from Aliexpress to your Ezusy?

Import products from Aliexpress use Ezusy Chrome extension 1. Install Ezusy chrome extension. You can install it by clicking on here 2. Go to Aliexpress search your products and select items that you want to import to Woocommerce. Clic...

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How to push product from Ezusy to your Woocommerce Website?

Note: Please do not change the product SKU in WooCommerce because it will get that mess up the automation. 1. From Ezusy, click Aliexpress Imported Icon on the left sidebar (you can see it under search icon). 2. You can edit product tit...

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How to order products?

Note: Please do not change the product SKU in WooCommerce because it will that mess up the automation. Let check the video bellow for how to using:

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