Troubleshooting common issues

Q: Syntax Error? A: If you connect with correct Wordpress Address, then please ask your hosting support increase max_execution_time(PHP time limit) of your server to 300, deactivate WP Smush, and Cache plugin if you have installed them bef...

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How to use Ezusy chrome plugin?

Let check the video below for how to using:

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How to using Ezusy?

Let check the video bellow for how to using:

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How to use search function?

Make sure you installed our Chrome extension to use search feature. If you do not please install it from here. Let check the video below for how to using:

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How to use Affiliate feature?

Hello everybody, Finally, our Affiliate feature is already. We are thankful for our customers who entrust using our app. Now, you can earn extra money with our Affiliate feature when presenting us to your friends or anywhere you introdu...

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How to import product with a full description?

Now you can import products from Aliexpress with the full description like Aliexpress products by enabling option Full Description is Yes on Ezusy Chrome extension Please follow these steps below to import Item specifics and Product Descr...

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How to Sync products manually?

You can sync your products manually follow this instruction: Login to your Ezusy dashboard. Go to Products section. Enable Sync options if you did not. Click "Sync Now" button.

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