Import products from Aliexpress to Ezusy

You need to install Ezusy chrome extension firstly. There are two ways to import AliExpress products. Please see below for the details. Use Ezusy Chrome extension You can set up to get products with a full description or not. Then click on Ezusy icon to add products.   Use the search feature […]

Connect your Woocommerce store to Ezusy

You need to change these things on your WordPress admin firstly before connecting your store with our Ezusy app. Step 1. Set up your WordPress admin Login WordPress admin > Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings to select Post name option. Click on Save Changes button to set up your Permalinks. Enable the […]

Fulfill your order from Ezusy dashboard

You can fulfill your order on Ezusy dashboard after your customer purchased products from your store. Take a look. Note: Please do not change the product SKU in WooCommerce because it will mess up the automation. Click here to see how to customize WooCommerce product on your dashboard.   

Install Ezusy Chrome extension

Ezusy’s Chrome extension lets you quickly import products  AliExpress to your Ezusy You need to install Ezusy’s Chrome extension to import, search products in Ezusy dashboard, and fulfill orders features. Please install Ezusy’s Chrome extension via this link Ezusy Chrome extension.