Ezusy – images swatches for variable product plugin

By using our Woocommerce plugin you can generate image swatches to display the available product variable attributes like colors, sizes, styles, etc. You can replace the drop-down fields with image swatches, this is a good way to make your site more professional, and boost your sale. How is it work? […]

Edit images before pushing products

Photo Editor is one of the new features. You can remove the brand logo, change the background, or edit anything before importing product to your WooCommerce store. You can do it directly from Ezusy dashboard instead of using editing software and uploading. Let check below image to see how it […]

How to customize WooCommerce product?

After pushing the product to your store, you can edit it quickly from your Ezusy dashboard. You can change the permalink, the description, categories, product images, price, and the stock quantity. Please make sure that you click Save button after changing.   Note: Please do not edit SKU since it will mess […]

Troubleshooting common issues

Q: Syntax Error? A: If you connect with correct WordPress Address, then please ask your hosting support increase max_execution_time(PHP time limit) of your server to 300, deactivate WP Smush, and Cache plugin if you have installed them before pushing products. Q: Error: #xxx is an invalid image ID. [woocommerce_product_invalid_image_id]? A: […]

How to use Affiliate feature?

Hello everybody, Finally, our Affiliate feature is already. We are thankful for our customers who entrust using our app. Now, you can earn extra money with our Affiliate feature when presenting us to your friends or anywhere you introduce our app. How much can you earn? You can start promoting […]

Set up the Pricing Rules on Ezusy dashboard

Setting the Pricing rule is the fastest way you can change price for products in bulk. Multiplier: Example, aliexpress price is “$5″, you set up your pricing rule is “2″ then the product price on your store is: $5×2 = $10 Fixed Markup: Example, aliexpress price is “$5“, you set up your pricing […]

Create multiple stores in one Ezusy account

You can create multiple stores in one account. However, you need to purchase for each store if you want to upgrade it. Step 1. How to create a new store? It is simple to add a new store on your Ezusy dashboard. Please login your Ezusy account > Settings > Manage store Click […]

Push product from Ezusy to your Woocommerce Website

You need to push products to your WooCommerce store after importing. You can edit products or image before pushing it to your store. You can pick a product or a few products to push at the same time. The maximum number of products is five because WordPress has limited time to […]