Set up the Pricing Rules on Ezusy dashboard

Setting the Pricing rule is the fastest way you can change price for products in bulk.

Pricing Rules

How to use Currency convert feature?

You can convert Aliexpress price to your store currency based on this feature. After enabling it, please go to Aliexpress site to select the currency which you want to get before importing product.

Enable Currency convert feature in Ezusy
Select currency to import from Aliexpress

How to use Regular Price and Sale Price?

Aliexpress products usually have two different prices. They are Price and Discount price.

Enable Sale Price option

Your WooCommerce Regular Price will be the Aliexpress Price Multiplier or Fixed Markup of your setting value. The price on your store will be like this is you turn off the Enable Sale Price option.

Your WooCommerce Sale Price will be the Aliexpress Discount Price Multiplier or Fixed Markup of your setting value. It is your price if you turn on the Enable Sale Price option.

How to edit price?

Setup your Pricing rules

The Multiplier price is the original product price as many times as you choose.

The Fixed Markup feature allows you to set a fixed amount that is added on top of the original product price.

The Assign cents feature lets you to have rounded product prices.

For example, you fixed markup both regular and sale prices are 1.5 and 1; assign cents 99 and turn on the Sale price on your setting. The product discount price is $5.50. Then the price on your store is $7.99.

Note: Please set up your Pricing Rules before importing products.