Connect your Woocommerce store to Ezusy

You need to change these things on your WordPress admin firstly before connecting your store with our Ezusy app.

  • Deactivate Jetpack, WP Smush, Akismet Anti-Spam plugins, W3 Total Cache if you have installed them.
  • Login Wordpress admin > Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings to select Post name option > Click on Save Changes button to set up your Permalinks.
  • Ask Support of your hosting increase max_execution_time of your server to 300.
Setting WordPress Permalinks

Please make sure you are using your Site Address (URL) correctly by copying it from your WordPress admin > Settings > General > Site Address (URL).

Site Address (URL)

There are two methods for you to connect your store with Ezusy.

Go to Ezusy dashboard > Settings > General

Method 1: Automatically create an API key

Please take a look to connect your store.

Automatically connect to your store

Method 2: Manually create an API key

If you cannot connect your store to Ezusy as the above method, you can manually create API from your WordPress admin. Please follow these steps:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Rest API > Add key
  • Select the permission Read/Write
  • Copy and paste the keys to Ezusy Settings > General
  • Click on the SAVE button to connect your store (Please do not need to click Connect button).
Api keys
Create WooCommerce API key

If you’re having trouble to connect your store to Ezusy, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Desk.